Hyperbox is a free virtualized infrastructure manager across your different hypervisors released under GPLv3.

It aims to provide a free alternative to commercial products like VMware vCenter/ESXi and Citrix XenCenter/XenServer.
It is primarly used with VirtualBox, its favorite hypervisor backend, but is designed with a modular architecture in mind and could use any hypervisor providing a Java API.

On top of all the VirtualBox function abilities, it aims to provide a manageable environment with the following main features:

  • Daemon/Service-based server, perfect on dedicated hosts for your Virtual Machines
  • Fully configurable, using the storage backend of your choice (plain files, SQLite, MySQL, …)
  • Authentication against a security backend (from a simple text file to a LDAP directory)
  • Granular authorization mechanism to only grant the wanted privileges to the users (e.g. Start specific VMs, but do not edit them)
  • Auditing of all performed actions on the system, with history browsing and search
  • Modular architecture, where several hypervisors and versions can be supported
  • GUI clients supporting Roaming profiles or similar for settings, perfect for an enterprise environment
  • CLI clients for die-hard command-line admins and scripting
  • And much more!

See the Getting Started chapter of the User Manual for a more in-depth presentation.
The software has now reached public beta releases. Not all the features are implemented yet but will be when version 1.0 is released.
Hyperbox is mainly aimed for Debian-based & Redhat-based systems (but should work on pretty much any Linux-based system with some tweaking) and Windows starting from 2003/XP (earlier versions not tested). We aim to support a full range of OS by the time version 1.0 is reached.