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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000014    Generalfeatureconfirmed2015-08-20Host memory starvation protection
  0000056    Generalfeatureconfirmed (zxyxy)2015-03-21Import Appliance
  0000013    Generalfeatureassigned (zxyxy)2015-03-10View VM Log files
  0000058    Generalfeatureassigned (noteirak)2015-02-16Autostart VM at boot time
  0000052    Client - GUItweakconfirmed2014-12-09open cd iso from wrong folder
  0000051    Server - Corefeatureconfirmed2014-12-09connect to server
  0000041    Client - GUIfeatureconfirmed2014-11-25Localization in the client
  0000039    Client - Installerminoracknowledged2014-11-25Start menu shortcuts
  0000026 1 Client - GUIminorconfirmed2014-11-11User-friendly validation of fields into input dialogs
  0000030    Generalfeatureconfirmed2014-11-11View Task progress in percentage
  0000015    Generalfeatureconfirmed2014-11-11Basic Security on all items
  0000016    Generalfeatureconfirmed2014-11-11Store Items Basic Management
  0000024    Generalfeatureconfirmed2014-11-11Module - Persistence Support


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